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  • cg fucking around with animation software could be used for PY

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The Mall is technically closed, when the domain came up past due earlier this year I purchased it and Tranz9 was covering hosting however this week the domain went offline when the hosting was not paid. [Clarification] I had stated I was not going to renew the domain leading Tranz to cancel the hosting. The [glow]ONLY[/glow] reason it's online right now is because it uses almost no resources and I have spare space. TRanz9 did nothing wrong and I apologize for the gentle push towards the public transportation vehicle [end clarification]

At this time I moved the mall to one of my own hosting servers and that is where we are now.
As I again own the domain and am now covering hosting the mall will stay online at least for the rest of the domain time, probably longer as I do use the email.

However topics will be locked down so no replies can be made or new topics created as with zero traffic they won't get answered quickly if at all.

So hope that clears up where we are right now.

alll your WIP stuff goes here
 #7167  Author: champion gamer
 Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:09 pm
A small animation test I did tonight testing out some software I downloaded if the animation seems choppy it's because of the screen recorder the animation is smooth when I'm watching it on my pc and I have not figured out if I can or cannot export it to video I can however export them to png's but most of the frame is cut out so I just recorded it with a screen capture program and yes it's a mock animation of angry birds tell me what you think

software I'm using is spriter which is currently free
 #7176  Author: champion gamer
 Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:46 am
that is actually cool, is it easy to use?
yeah it's very easy to use and saves a lot of time it only took me roughly five minutes to make very powerful and somewhat simple interface as well as my favorite feature skeletons or bones.there are two tutorials on the site check em out as you might find it interesting, I'm still learning how to use it but it beats hand animating that's for sure lol     
 #7183  Author: champion gamer
 Sat Mar 30, 2013 2:36 pm
thank you Pete,
Here is another animation test I did with spriter software, this time I drew up some poorly drawn sprites to test out some more animatic scenarios the legs arms and body are all crap the only thing I like about the sprite is the face and even that is pretty bad but it is only for a test so who cares what it looks like lol so basically this is an arm windmill the animation took about 20 minutes this time and looks okay (could be drastically improved upon) the sprite took two hours to make mainly because I was watching tna as I was doing it and mad a few parts for testing purposes  yet again this is done using a screen recorder and appeared smoothly on my pc but not so on the screen recorder   
 #7184  Author: Blade
 Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:00 pm
Well this would be a good time for me to go back into making sprite animations ever since the catastrophe that happen to my last ones(lost when laptop crashed)

thanks for the link CG
 #7186  Author: Masson
 Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:02 pm
It's cool. When I started using spriter it peed me off a bit because after about an hour of using it it started messing up, forgetting bone links and the resize buttons would shrink (ironically) etc. But I guess that's the problem with using programs still in their beta.

Oh and if you want a hand with either the sprites or the animating, just hit me with a pm ;) .
 #7201  Author: champion gamer
 Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:31 am
well to be honest I don’t really find spriter to be that hard to use ( and to my knowledge i think they have fixed a fair few bugs ) but if you can find a  better program i can help with the animations and such as well, on the subject of the art style i would probably go with returns as it looks the best in my opinion  although gba fire pro would be a lot easier to draw animate ect. it would be cool if we could have both as an cosmetic option in the options menu but would no doubt create problems and more work     
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