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The Mall is technically closed, when the domain came up past due earlier this year I purchased it and Tranz9 was covering hosting however this week the domain went offline when the hosting was not paid. [Clarification] I had stated I was not going to renew the domain leading Tranz to cancel the hosting. The [glow]ONLY[/glow] reason it's online right now is because it uses almost no resources and I have spare space. TRanz9 did nothing wrong and I apologize for the gentle push towards the public transportation vehicle [end clarification]

At this time I moved the mall to one of my own hosting servers and that is where we are now.
As I again own the domain and am now covering hosting the mall will stay online at least for the rest of the domain time, probably longer as I do use the email.

However topics will be locked down so no replies can be made or new topics created as with zero traffic they won't get answered quickly if at all.

So hope that clears up where we are right now.

Kenny Time's own brand of violence and debauchery!
 #5607  Author: Kenny Time
 Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:11 pm
Sept 18th 2012,

So episode 1 of KTnFS went off without a hitch other than the below average talent on the roster. To recap my winning ways...

1 Signed Kenny Time to an endorsement deal which has him working for peanuts and me making money off his name.

2 A successful debut as back up commentator on Rampage. Kenny got himself in trouble with his mouth, OfCom just happened to be there as guests of mine in the VIP suite.

3 3 more fighters have been signed for the upcoming tourney! None seem that exciting though, but maybe I can turn them into something palatable.

4 Secured the use of a small community hall for the taping and live broadcast of episode 2 or our reality show leading up to the tournament.

5 Manage to keep an enigma about the Fight Show... leaving people asking what is Fight Show? Brilliant! Come find out!

Til next time,
            Billy Asylum
 #5626  Author: M.Truth
 Wed Sep 19, 2012 7:54 pm
interesting very interesting!
:mr kush: